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At VANA, we are equipped with state-of-the-art aesthetic systems and offer the world’s most effective rejuvenating treatments. We are passionate about beauty, anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation. Our qualified, certified professionals are masters with injectables, fillers, laser treatments, facials, and more.

World-class treatments at surprisingly affordable rates

Every treatment is performed by highly trained, experienced aesthetic and medical providers that care about you. We offer the best of the world’s best anti-aging procedures, skin rejuvenation treatments, and enhancements that leave you looking and feeling incredible—in the most natural way.

We believe VANA has revolutionized the beauty industry, with locations that are accessible, non-intimidating, luxurious, and offer surprising value coupled with concierge-style, personalized service. If you want to look your best, our team of professionals at VANA is on your side.

You will be thrilled to discover a world-class center for face and skin rejuvenation where you will relax in privacy and luxury and undergo treatments at reasonable prices—it doesn’t get any better.

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Our practitioners

Every member of our team of professionals has been hand-selected, meeting the highest standards of care. Our team includes board-certified physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified estheticians, all of whom are at the top of their game, whether you visit a VANA location in Aventura, Miami Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or Delray Beach. We really are that good!

Our aesthetic treatment systems at VANA


The PicoWay system is one of the most effective laser devices in the world. It delivers ultra-short pulses of laser energy and is far more advanced than other picosecond laser systems. It is more powerful, faster, with a much faster recovery time. We love this system for facial rejuvenation, as it is both versatile and super-effective. We can remove the unwanted pigment in sun spots and age spots, tattoo inks, or undergo a treatment to trigger natural collagen production for firmer, more supple facial skin.

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IPL Photofacial

At VANA, we have seen dramatic changes in skin quality and tone with our advanced IPL photofacial system. Red and brown spots, freckles, sun damage, spider veins, reddened skin, rosacea, and other pigmentation problems will become a dim memory with this groundbreaking device.

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Fresh, ultra-clean, hydrated, nourished facial skin—you get it all with a customized HydraFacial. If you haven’t tried it, be prepared to become addicted! Our HydraFacial treatment will leave you looking refreshed and glowing, with your skin plump and picture-perfect.

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Intraceuticals oxygen facial

Our Intraceuticals system has revolutionized skincare. Relax in comfort and experience this groundbreaking treatment. This topical hyperbaric oxygen system delivers oxygen under pressure to infuse skin-nourishing serums into your skin structure, such as hyaluronic acid, skin revitalizing vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants, and peptides.

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Our eMatrix system is one of the world’s top-performing skin resurfacing systems. It uses “Sublative RF™” technology—a truly groundbreaking advancement in skin rejuvenation. A fractionated bipolar RF energy system that delivers the laser heat directly into the underlying skin structure, creating a remarkable level of rejuvenation with minimal damage to the skin’s surface.

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The EMSCULPT NEO system is the first and only non-invasive muscle toning and building system that adds fat reduction. An advancement of the original EMSCULPT system, the addition of RF energy melts away unwanted fat during this 30-minute treatment. We have added this system to our array of world-class aesthetic machines.

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The VelaShape system has forever changed the art of body sculpting. It allows you to reduce the circumference of your thighs and abdomen while reducing the appearance of cellulite. The results are achieved with an innovative combination of infrared light, bi-polar RF energy, vacuum, deep heating of the fat cells, connective tissues, and the existing collagen fibers.

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VANA Genesis

At VANA, we are committed to helping our clients experience healthy, blemish-free, evenly toned skin. The VANA genesis treatment produces visible changes in your skin health, quality, and firmness in a custom treatment.

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What we do:

Experience the VANA Laser Club difference.

Our providers are certified, trained, and dedicated to making your journey to beauty a pleasure. You will find our luxury centers in Aventura and Miami Beach, with each location beautifully designed, comfortable, and staffed with experts who will treat you like royalty and are ready to help you live life looking and feeling your best.

“I am in love! This is a brilliant business! Such an awesome concept. It is super simple and straightforward. The providers are awesome, the service is impeccable. They get you in and out, there is no waiting around... which also means you have to be on time. I am a huge fan and I highly recommend.”

- Danielle Smith

*Treatment menu varies by location