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Physician Assistant

I survived through an avalanche, lets just say we didn’t see that one coming on our family ski trip. My favorite treatment to perform is Tattoo Removal, it brings such satisfaction to be able to rid my clients of that unwanted pigment.

Physician Assistant

I’m the oldest of three, we love to travel and seek new adventures, But planes still scare me so I suggested a cross-country road trip. Lets just say they were less interested in the road and more interested in trip. Oh and if you’re acne prone during those long trips – Laser Genesis is a great treatment to kill acne causing bacteria.

Physician Assistant

The English word “calligraphy” is derived from the Greek word Kallos – which means Beauty and Grephein – which means to write. Did you know I’ve been practicing calligraphy for year? Ask me about my favorite type of pen! My favorite Vana treatment is Picoway, great at restoring collagen!

Physician Assistant

I am half Filipino and an absolute cat fanatic, ask me how many kitties I’ve had. My favorite treatment is sketch marks by Picoway, seeing my clients results is what makes this job so rewarding.

Nurse Practitioner

I am a foodie, do you have a new restaurant recommendation? Send it my way! My favorite treatment is the Laser Genesis, has no downtime and leaves your skin looking flawless!



I love Vana, so grateful to be apart of such an amazing team. I’m a sucker for reality TV, Mini Cadbury Eggs, oh and of course coffee! My favorite treatment is our Laser Genesis, pores where?!


I may be the next Picasso, just saying – I absolutely love to paint, my favorite medium is oil paint and water colors. Combining vivid colors and textures on a canvas excites my soul. My favorite Vana treatment is Ematrix, it gives me the opportunity to be an artist and take a creative approach to treating some of the most challenging skin issues.


I’ve had almost every hair-color, yep that right blue, purple, red, the list goes on. I love to go with the flow and change it up from time to time, its also a great entrance to an event. Need to be event ready with that new hair? Ask me about our HydraFacial Boosters and leave a glowing impression!

Club Concierge

Club Concierge

I am originally from Bulgaria, and can speak 5 different languages, Ask me which ones! I love traveling the world and meeting new people. Have you tried our Laser Genesis yet? It has done wonders for my pores.

Club Concierge

I am a huge animal lover and have had some interesting pets over the years, ask me about my favorite one! I love working with such an amazing team here at Vana; It makes going to work something to look forward to! Oh and if you haven’t already tried our Hydrafacial, you’ll be instantly glowing – Thank me later.

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