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Juvederm Ultra Plus XC in Miami Beach, Florida

Deep facial creases and a significant loss of facial volume may lead you to think you had one option: surgery. Now deep facial creasing and severe volume loss can be treated with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, a hyaluronic acid-based filler from Juvéderm – no surgery required.

Restore your look with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

Loss of facial volume is a natural part of the aging process. You may be living with lax skin, deeply etched lines and creases, or lost facial volume. Thankfully, painful surgery and lengthy downtime are not your only options. Ultra Plus XC by Juvéderm is a new kind of hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler created for those who have experienced beautiful results from Voluma XC in the past but need a fresh new boost. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC possesses advanced lifting and cushioning capabilities that produce a beautiful, refreshed look you will love.

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Our commitment to you

At Vana Laser Club, we commit ourselves to delivering exceptional service at each step of your aesthetic journey. That means before, during, and after your treatment. Our exclusive enhancement program takes advantage of our unique club structure to offer you a path forward to maintain your results. We promise you we will never recommend more treatment than what is necessary for you to reach your goals. We tailor our programs to your needs, so you can get (and maintain) your aesthetic results with minimal intervention.

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Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

Why should I consider Juvederm Ultra Plus XC?

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC has a higher viscosity and thickness than other hyaluronic acid-based fillers, making it suitable for a broader range of applications. This filler could be the ideal choice for reinforcing the underlying scaffolding of your facial structure for subtle, beautiful volume restoration. When you receive injections of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Easy, pain-free procedure
  • Smoothed nasolabial folds
  • Plumper, more youthful lips
  • A more defined jawline
  • Long-lasting results

Are Juvederm Ultra Plus XC injections painful?

Not at all. At VANA Laser Club, our centers were created to provide world-class pampering and comfort.

We will apply a topical numbing cream to make the injections comfortable. Then, your master injector will carefully deliver a series of small injections of dermal filler, paying particular attention to symmetry and balance for a more youthful finish. You’ll notice a younger, fresher appearance immediately, which will only improve in the coming days. The entire process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

“I am in love! This is a brilliant business! Such an awesome concept. It is super simple and straightforward. The providers are awesome, the service is impeccable. They get you in and out, there is no waiting around... which also means you have to be on time. I am a huge fan and I highly recommend.”

- Danielle Smith

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No downtime means more life to live!

With injections of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, there is no recovery or downtime required following treatment. We do recommend that you avoid strenuous activities for the following 24 hours so the gel properly settles into place. You may experience mild redness, bruising, or irritation at the injection site. These effects will peak the day following your Miami Beach Juvederm Ultra Plus XC treatment and will vanish quickly. Your results will continue to be evident for up to 12 months.

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VANA Laser Club for the ultimate in luxury

You deserve a customized program when it comes to the health and beauty of your skin. At VANA Laser Club we strive to deliver the best Juvederm Ultra Plus XC Miami Beach has to offer, so each client we see is given an individual treatment plan designed to help them achieve their goals for aesthetic enhancement. Our state-of-the-art facilities were designed with you in mind so we can deliver the most advanced products and technologies to our distinguished clientele. Our experienced injectors are true masters of the art of aesthetic enhancement.

*Treatment menu varies by location