IPL Photo Facial Laser

IPL Photo Facial Laser


Treatment Time: 30 - 35 minutes

Expected Downtime: Mild

  • Redness up to 2-4 hours after treatment
  • Brown Spots may get darker & crust - Do  Not Pick

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Cutera’s IPL Photo Facial uses Intense pulses of visible light that penetrates to the lower layers of the skin without effecting the top layers to target and treat sun spots, freckles, fine lines, and rosacea.

Best Treatment for:

  • Sun Spots
  • Anti-Aging
  • Rosacea

Treatment Best For:

  • No Sun Exposure

Post Treatment Care:

  • Apply Sunblock
  • NO sun exposure for two weeks after treatment

Pre Treatment Care:

  • No Sun Exposure
  • STOP use of Vitamin C&E serums & Retinols (5 days before treatment)
  • Arrive with make-up free
  • No Spray Tans

expected downtime:

  • Mild redness up to 2-4 hours after treatment
  • Brown Spots may get darker & crust - Do  Not Pick

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