Important Client Updates and Reminders

In addition to the new offerings, we would like to take a moment to review a few important updates and reminders!

Preparedness for ALL appointments:

  1. No sun exposure, sunburns or spray tan for TWO weeks prior to your appointment.
  2. Your skin must be free of all makeup, lotions, or oils. Please arrive early if you need to prepare your face for a treatment. We sell eltaMD dermatologist recommended facewash which you can purchase anytime.
  3. The area being treated must be fully shaved the night before or morning of a treatment. Don’t forget, no waxing!
  4. Retinol must be discontinued FIVE days prior.

Please note, with ALL services you must arrive prepared, and 5 – 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order for us to treat you. Our appointments are scheduled based on time and treatment location, therefore, any lateness risks a safe a full treatment. We value your time, and by doing this we ensure little to no wait time and can continue to provide you with exceptional service.

24-hour policy / Late Appointment Fees:

  • 24 hour Late Cancelation $35 fee – members must give at least 24-hour notice.
  • No Show/No Call $55 fee – members must give at least 4-hour courtesy notice prior to appointment.
  • Missed/ Late/ Canceled A La Carte services will be available for future usage; Fees Apply to all appointments.

Kids and Pets:

While we absolutely love kids and pets, having them in the club is both a safety issue and disruptive to other clients. Our staff cannot assume responsibility for ensuring their safety while your service is being provided. We cannot allow children or pets in the treatment rooms, or to wait in the lobby unattended. The lasers we use are very safe to use on you for specific treatments, however, they may cause harm to children and pets that are in the room.

We ask that you schedule your appointment around a time you can provide supervision, otherwise, your appointment will kindly be rescheduled and you will assume a missed appointment fee of $35. A la carte services are non-refundable or transferable under this policy.

Friendly Post-Treatment Reminders:

Following all services, you must wear sunblock!  This will ensure the best possible results to protect your skin after treatment when it is most vulnerable.

Following all services, you must remain out of the sun for at least one week. Our providers will alert you if your treatment may require more time out of the sun. We invite you to try out cruelty-free, Dermatologist recommended eltaMD products which we are now offered at the Club.

A la carte pricing is nonrefundable and non-transferable.

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