Picoway Stretch Marks Treatment

Your skin may be marred with stretch marks due to weight gain and loss or pregnancy. Many adolescents develop stretch marks due to the rapid growth during the teen years. Thankfully, at VANA Laser Club, we have equipped our offices in Aventura and Miami Beach with the most advanced stretch mark treatment, the PicoWay system.

Can my stretch marks be removed?

Stretch marks range from severe to mild, but no one loves having them. They are essentially scars. Your skin expanded at such a rate that your skin could not produce enough new cells, essentially pulling your skin apart and leaving a scar. With PicoWay stretch mark treatments, your stretch marks can be far less visible. It works by triggering natural collagen and elastin production to regenerate your skin, tightening it, and removing darker pigments. The results we achieve with stretch mark treatments are simply remarkable.


Groundbreaking treatment for visible stretch marks

Our team at VANA is obsessed with beauty and committed to delivering world-class care and treatments that work. The PicoWay system is one of the world’s most advanced lasers and can significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks on your abdomen, thighs, or other areas of your body. You may need a series of treatments to achieve the best result, but you can trust our team of practitioners to address your stretch marks with the best of all systems available planetwide.

Benefits of the VANA PicoWay stretch mark treatment

The beauty of this treatment is that it works. The benefits include:

  • Stimulates natural collagen growth
  • Essentially painless
  • No recovery time
  • Improves the appearance of visible stretch marks
  • Strengthens damaged skin from within
  • It can be combined with other treatments for more comprehensive results

Are you depressed to be living with visible stretch marks?

While pregnancy and motherhood are some of life’s most treasured experiences, being left with unsightly stretch marks is depressing. No cream or miracle cure delivers a real result, unfortunately. If you want to restore your skin to a smoother, healthier condition, we invite you to meet with one of our practitioners to discuss treating your condition. The earlier the stretch marks are treated, the better the results could be.

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What will the treatment be like to experience? Are there side effects?

This stretch mark treatment is not uncomfortable to experience. You will feel a minor tingling sensation during your treatment. You do not have to worry about side effects, as your skin will not be heated in the manner of older laser systems. You are free to go back to your regular activities immediately after your treatment, with no downtime and no side effects.

Why choose VANA Laser Club for your stretch mark treatments?

VANA Laser Club offers clients a new experience: World-class service and care with great value. We have equipped our offices with next-generation systems, including the PicoWay system. As aesthetic technology advances, the results of treatments become better and better, and this system is a top performer for stretch mark removal. We invite both members and non-members to our centers, where your comfort and outstanding results are our primary concerns.

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