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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Treatment


Treatment Time: 30-45 minutes

Expected Downtime:

  • May vary dependent on the size & color of the tattoo being treated
  • Swelling & mild itching may occur
  • Numbing Cream is Available

Member Price: 
Small Tattoo: $59.99 - Large Tattoo: $139.99

Non-Member Price: 
Small Tattoo: $299.99 - Large Tattoo: $499.99

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Syneron Candela Picoway is capable of treating multi-colored tattoos on all skin types. Picoway utilizes advanced picosecond laser technology to shatter tattoo ink, breaking the pigment down into very fine particles. These particles are then carried away naturally within the body by macrophages.

Best Treatment for:

  • Removing / Improving the appearance of Tattoo

Post Treatment Care:

  • Keep treated area clean & dry
  • Avoid any water activities that involve soaking of treated area
  • Scabbing and/ or blistering may occur, this is normal healing process. Avoid popping or picking at blister or scab
  • No sun exposure
  • Contact us immediately if discomfort worsens

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"I absolutely love this place! You can do laser hair removal of your entire body! I do my upper lip, Brazilian, my legs, underarms and arms. I split them up into individual weeks to maximize my membership! I’ve been a member for 6 months now and haven’t picked up a razor since. They also have an unbeatable price on HydraFacials... it just doesn’t get better than that."

 - Google Reviews | Beth Pamela

"I received a skin treatment from Vana Laser Club and it went extremely well. Setting an appointment was easy, and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. I saw gradual results from the service and am very happy with the outcome."

 - Google Reviews | Yves Batoba

I am in love! This is a brilliant business!  Such an awesome concept.  It is super simple and straightforward.  The providers are awesome, the service is impeccable.  They get you in and out, there is no waiting around....which also means you have to be on time.  I am a huge fan and I highly recommend.

 - Google Reviews | Danielle Smith


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