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  • Nicole

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  • Emily

  • Meredith


vana laser club PRACTITIONERS

  • Allie


    There’s two things I can’t live without – the gym and peanut butter!I have a passion for fitness and nutrition. Need help getting into shape? Ask me anything! My favorite VANA treatment is Laser Hair Removal, it leaves you hair free and smooth in all the right places.

  • Diane


    I am a foodie, do you have a new restaurant recommendation? Send it my way! My favorite treatment is the Laser Genesis, has no downtime and leaves your skin looking flawless!

  • Christine Andre


    I definitely consider myself an amusement park junkie, with Disney World and Universal Studios being my top two choices! My favorite treatments to perform here at VANA are done with the PicoWay laser, which I can use to address a multitude of concerns, from tattoo removal to improvement of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles.

vana laser club ESTHETICIAN

  • Karolina


    I love Vana, so grateful to be apart of such an amazing team. I’m a sucker for reality TV, Mini Cadbury Eggs, oh and of course coffee! My favorite treatment is our Laser Genesis, pores where?!

  • Elizabeth


    I am a true water baby. Fun Fact – I was a competitive swimmer in my hay day! I love to quench the skin with my favorite signature HydraFacial – such a gorgeous after glow!

  • Amanda


    I am definitely a morning person! I enjoy starting my day with a lot of energy after a great work out and breakfast, even if it means getting up before the sun. My favorite Vana treatment is VelaShape III. I love helping people find ways to feel confident in their own skin.

vana laser club CLUB CONCIERGE

  • Karen


    I’m an adventure girl, I absolutely LOVE to travel.  I’ve hiked Machu Pichu, fished for Salmon in Alaska (yes! there are lots of bears), and surfed in Mexico, to name a few. My favorite treatment is Picoway Resolve – Say Goodbye age spots, hello collagen.

  • Vanna


    I’ve had almost every hair-color, yep that right blue, purple, red, the list goes on. I love to go with the flow and change it up from time to time, its also a great entrance to an event. Need to be event ready with that new hair? Ask me about our HydraFacial Boosters and leave a glowing impression!

  • Valery


    Did you know that Architecture was once an olympic sport? I am currently studying Architecture and find myself looking at buildings differently  My favorite Vana treatment is Picoway Resolve, i’ve seen it work wonders on clients with acne scars.

  • Dessy


    I am originally from Bulgaria, and can speak 5 different languages, Ask me which ones! I love traveling the world and meeting new people. Have you tried our Laser Genesis yet? It has done wonders for my pores.

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